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Portofino Vineyards

The project site, a total of 68.9± acres is comprised primarily of pine flatwoods habitat with various levels of exotic infestation. The indigenous preserve areas total 13.8± acres, and include 4.37± acres on-site and 7.5± acres off-site. The off-site indigenous area includes cypress wetlands and is located immediately adjacent to the property to the west. On-site preserve areas include, 3.94± acres of gopher tortoise indigenous preserve and 0.43± acres of indigenous preserve, both areas are dominated by pine flatwoods habitat. The larger preserve area is being provided as a conservation area for the gopher tortoises located on-site.

The colonization of exotic and nuisance plants displaces native plants and reduces habitat values, as well as negatively impact aesthetic values. An active exotic and nuisance plant removal and maintenance program will ensure the viability, value, and aesthetics of the preserve.

The purpose of this plan is to ensure that preserves are maintained free of exotic and nuisance plants in perpetuity. This is achieved by establishing a scheduled program to maintain the site free of exotic and nuisance plants (Florida Exotic Pest Plant Council’s List of Invasive Plants). The program involves two phases, the initial exotic removal and the subsequent annual maintenance.