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Three Oaks
Parkway Extension ~Williams Road
to Corkscrew

The project includes the construction of a four lane divided road between Corkscrew Road and Williams road. The project is located in Section 34 and 35, Township 46 South and Range 25 East, in Lee County, Florida. A number of factors were taken into consideration in locating the project. The main design constraint was the requirement that the north terminus intersect corkscrew Road at the existing Three Oaks parkway intersection and the south terminus needed to connect to Williams Road at the existing north – south road in the Brooks development. The distance between the two intersections is relatively short, which leaves little design ability for curves. The project is being designed for build out. The road is being designed with the ability to construct two additional lanes in the median for a total of six lands. All of the potential impacts associated with the additional lane has been accounted for in this application. In addition to assisting with the road design and alignment BEC also conducted protected species surveys of the alignments, located wetlands, assessed wetland impacts, and secured environmental permits from the South Florida Water Management District and the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers.